All you need to know about the Minoans

There is absolutely no way historical record books will be complete without at least devoting a page to talk about the Minoans. The Minoan civilization holds a long-term reputation of been the foremost great Bronze Age society, however, despite the fact that they possess a legacy that has been long celebrated; it suffices to say that they are a people with a culture that is apparently mysterious. For instance, the language that was spoken in Crete at that time is not really known, and also, the texts and scripts that come from the early Minoan civilization have found a way to elude attempts at translation for quite a long while. It is, therefore, no surprise that the civilization of the Minoans has always found a way to be linked to mythology.

Who exactly where the Minoans?

It is claimed and believed by some scholars that the ancestors of the Minoans actually originated from the Northern part of Africa, however, in recent times, fresh fact has emerged via scientific investigation that there exist at least a dozen other forefathers for the Minoan population. Scientific data obtained show that the civilization of the Minoans was made up more of Europeans rather that people from the outside.

The origin of the name “Minoan

The terminology has its root in the name of the mythical King Minos, it also helped to describe the pottery that was obtainable in that period of time. Minos had a link with Greek mythology especially with the Minotaur and labyrinth.

Minoan trade history

The period of the Minoans saw extensive trade between Crete, Mediterranean and Aegean settlements especially as you approach the eastern flank. By the works of the artists and traders, the cultural influence of the Minoans found a way to reach beyond Crete to Egypt’s old kingdom, Cyprus, and the coast of the Levantine.

The end of the Minoan Era

Several factors in their own little way led to the end of the Minoans one of which is the activity of volcanic eruption, also, factors such as earthquakes and tsunamis could have had their own effect on the infrastructure and fleet of the Minoans. Also, these factors could have greatly altered the climate, politics and economy of the Minoans. However, the total end of the Minoan culture cannot be put absolutely on the shoulder of this factors, the reason for this being the fact that they seemed to have developed a thick skin that saw them survive worst eras.
One other factor that may have caused the decimation of the era may have been that of the attack and occupation of the region by the Mycenae’s. Therefore the combined effect of the volcanic eruption that seemed to decimate the Naval fleet as well as the invasion by the Mycenae’s seemed to all but seal the fate of the Minoans as far as history is concerned.

In conclusion, the hanging question that bothers on the annihilation of the civilization of the Minoans do not generate clear enough answers and this may just be the reason why pre-historic Crete seems to be shrouded in mystery and a sort of seductive enchantment.