Online Exhibit

Curated by:
Rebecca Kelner, Intern, Kiplinger Research Library
Colleen McKnight, Special Collections Librarian


Welcome to Lincoln's Washington

"The capital was busy, crowded and exciting; everywhere there was activity, confusion, and distress. From the North came soldiers, businessmen, politicians, and just plain people wanting to do their part or searching for loved ones, casualties of the war; from the South came deserters, spies, and the never-ending lines of wounded men, on foot, on stretchers, in ambulances - come to the city to recover, or to die; from everywhere came adventurers, profiteers, gamblers and women of ill-reputed hoping to satisfy their lust and greed."

- Kenneth A. Bernard

This online exhibit explores Abraham Lincoln's Washington, and provides glimpses into city life during the Civil War. We recommend beginning with "Lincoln's Arrival" and following the links at the bottom of each page to move through the exhibit.

All of the images in this exhibit are from the photograph collections of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. More information about Lincoln and the city can be found at the Society's Kiplinger Research Library.





Lincoln's Arrival Lincoln's Town
Lincoln's White House

Lincoln's Retreat
Lincoln's Assassination