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Kiplinger Research Library

801 K Street, NW; Washington, D.C. 20001
Phone: 202-283-1850 FAX: 202-282-1872



  1. The Kiplinger Research Library reading room is reserved for registered library patrons doing research related to Historical Society of Washington, D.C., Collections. No one else shall use the reading room for any other purpose.


  2. Researchers must fill out a Patron Registration Form and show photo identification on their first visit. At each subsequent visit, they must check in at reception desk.


  3. Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited in the library.


  4. All personal items, except small hand-held wallets or change purses must be left outside the reading room. A coat room with lockers is adjacent to the reading room.


  5. Researchers must use only pencils while taking notes and place their note paper beside - not on top of - documents, photographs, or books.


  6. Researchers must use the appropriate call slips to request materials that are not available for browsing. Color-coded call slips - and instructions for completing them - are located on top of the bookcases near the center of the reading room. Reference staff may limit the amount of material pulled for a researcher at one time.


  7. Collections are to be handled carefully. Researchers may have only one file folder or photograph envelope open at a time. Documents should lie flat on the surface of the reading room table and kept in the exact order in which they were received. Items are not to be rearranged or removed from folders. If something appears to have been filed in error, the researcher should notify the reference librarian.


  8. Researchers may request photocopies using the order forms that are available in the reading room. The appropriate photocopy order form should be used for the type of material to be copied. Items in folders need to be flagged for photocopying. Flags (markers) are available from the reference staff. Check library fee schedule or photocopy order forms for cost of copies.


  9. Researchers may request reproductions of photographs held by HSW. Photographic reproduction request forms and library fee schedule are available from the reference staff.


  10. It is the researcher’s responsibility to appropriately credit any HSW materials used in a research product (e.g. book, article, thesis, dissertation, audio or video production) and to provide HSW with one complimentary copy of each product.


  11. Computers may ONLY be used to search the Library Catalog and other sites related to HSW collections. Non-collection related computer use or internet browsing is prohibited.


  12. When signing a patron registration form, the researcher acknowledges his/her agreement to comply with the rules and regulations stated herein.
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