Washington History has a brand-new look! The next issue is out this summer.

Since its founding in 1894, the Historical Society has been publishing articles about the people and events in the city's past and present.

The Records of the Columbia Historical Society (1894-1989). Published annually until 1989 and available in the Kiplinger Research Library. A listing of the table of contents for all volumes is available online.

Washington History (1989-present) is the only scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the history of the nation's capital. Written and edited by distinguished historians and beautifully illustrated with fine and often rare images of the city, Washington History interprets the stories of people and places that shaped the past. In addition to offering new scholarship on the history of the city, the biannual publication also includes book, film and exhibit reviews.

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*The Historical Society has partnered with JSTOR, the leading digital archive for over 1,000 academic journals, to provide online access to the complete archive of our Washington History journal and the Records of the Columbia Historical Society. New issues of the journal appear online approximately 3 months after publication due to the time it takes JSTOR to scan, index, and upload the content.

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