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HSW Elsewhere

Writers, filmmakers, documentarians, and publishers often feature the Society's collections in their work. Below is initial list of publications that reference materials found in our collections.

Have you included HSW collections in your published research? Please let us know, at!


“Oxygen for the Ears: Living Jazz” Stefan Immler June 2012

“Constitution USA” PBS May 2013

“The Abolitionists” PBS January 2013

“Pizza in Washington” WETA May 2013


“Forgotten Name, Forgotten Deeds: The Ringgold Brothers of Washington County” George Anikis 2013

“Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination: The Untold Story of the Actors and Stagehands at Ford's Theatre” Thomas A. Bogar Anticipated 11/4/2013

“Historic Washington DC Restaurants: Capital Eats” John Deferrari Anticipated September 30, 2013

“Woodward & Lothrop: A Store Worthy of the Nation’s Capital” Michael J. Lisicky Coming Soon

“Brooklyn’s Plymouth Church in the Civil War Era: A Ministry of Freedom” Lois Rosebrooks Anticipated Early 2014

“3120 Cleveland Ave” Australian Embassy Anticipated December 2013

“Ward Eight Cultural Heritage Guide” DC Office of Planning


“A Visit to the White House Neighborhood” Cobblestone Magazine

“DC Public Service Commission: The First 100 years” DC Public Service Commission anticipated 2014

“Mapping the Frontier: A Memoir of Discovery from Coastal Maine to the Alaskan Rim, 1875-1951” Jan Hartman anticipated Fall 2013

“George Hadfield” Julia King Anticipated Fall 2013

“Washington and Baltimore Deco” Richard Striner Anticipated 2013-2014

“Washington Brotherhood” Rachel Shelden Anticipated November 2013


Interactive Exhibit in the White House Visitor Center Katrina Jameson Anticipated Fall 2013

“Prince William Historic Sites” Dr. Robert Krause Anticipated August 2013

“House and Home NEH on the Road exhibition” Anticipated Fall 2013

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